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STARS: Student Teacher Assessment Response Solution Comprehensive Assessment Solution Providing Instant Results

EDCO offers a Technology Solution linking Student Response Systems (SRS) to a District Wide Teacher/Student Assessment Database, eliminating the need for traditional bubble sheets and scanners. Tests can be delivered and analyzed by grade level from the classroom or by the District Curriculum Department.

Customize Push Tests for Quick Assessment

The STARS assessment database aligns with K-12 state standard curriculums and allows District Curriculum departments to create and push tests on demand to specific classrooms by grade level, by school or district-wide. The teacher then administers the test to the students, who answer questions using STARS electronic student response system. Each student’s answer is automatically sent back instantly to the district office - eliminating the need for scan sheets and minimizing teacher grading time.
Instantaneous Results that Count
Our system instantly records test results and can provide performance data by student, teacher, school or district wide. Additionally, teachers can create quizzes or short cycle tests for use in their classrooms allowing them to assess student performance while teaching lessons. The teachers can then upload student responses to the assessment database in the district office for analysis.

View STARS Data Flow

Download STARS (Student Teacher Assessment Response Solution) Brochure (PDF)


  • Offers the Ability to Test on Demand with Instant Results
• District-level common assessments
• School-level common assessments
• Classroom-level assessments

  • Provides Real-time Analysis of Student Performance

  • Makes Targeted Instruction Easy
  • Saves Time and Provides Faster Response to Instructional Needs
  • Eliminates the Need for Scan Forms
  • Aligns with K-12 State and National Curriculum Standards
  • Creates Customized Reports




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